Emotionally Impaired.

So, here goes to nothing. What I am going to write about here, is probably something I can’t explain myself, but all that I’ve got to say is, Despite believing in ‘it’s just a phase’ crap and all that ‘time heals wounds’, Some wounds leave a mark. A mark that reminds you every day how […]

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So what are flashbacks? Well, much like how they are shown in the movies; They are quick trips back to the past, that may or may not leave you smiling.   Or sometimes, in some cases leaving a thousand questions behind. What questions? For the starters, one could be; Why? The next one might be; […]

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A Moment.

What is a moment? A Second? A millisecond? Seems too small eh? And yet, so much can change just in a moment. So much. And just like that, in a moment, everything fell apart. It was like; 1…2…3…A Moment and Boom! Done. In a moments time, the best times turned into memories. Distant memories, the […]

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Friends with Benefits

So, there is this new thing in the trends right now called friends with benefits. And, what it actually is; Is more like a metaphorical gateway to escape as a commitment phobe, because being in a relationship is too overrated and our whole generation wants more. More of everything, the adrenaline rush, the adventures, everything […]

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Hi there whoever is reading this, Ever been in love? Yes, it’s a beautiful feeling, and the most excruciatingly painful one too Because; When it’s over, you might find yourself Sitting on my bed and just scrolling through the pictures on your phone, trying to feel what you felt in those moments. Reminiscing. Yes, that’s […]

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This isn’t an attempt on rewriting the Katy Perry song. This also, isn’t going to be a post preaching about love being unconditional. This, will be about bursting the bubble about unconditional love. Because; IT DOESN’T EXIST. And yet, so many of us, including you and I are on this constant hunt for something that […]

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Self Love

“You can’t really expect someone to love you unless you learn to love yourself first.” Something you and I both have heard some point of our busy, chaotic lives. Something that is so overlooked and yet it doesn’t seem to leave anyway. I, personally never understood the very worth of it even though it was […]

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