Very recently this thing about a so called ‘bois lockerroom’ spread in the Indian social media channels like wild fire.

For those who do not know about it yet, these were chat screenshots from a group of teenagers who talked rather inappropriately about the females they saw online; majority being on instagram.

Soon after, some screenshots of a so called ‘girls lockeroom’ came around and very quickly and conveniently I’d say, the argument changed from ‘All Men’ to ‘Men vs Women’ to ‘Even Women’.

What I am about to write about is not intended to side with one group out of the two, in essence ‘Men vs Women’. It is simply to talk about where I as a person think the problem lies.

It would be easy to just say that India lacks and till date does not prioritize ‘Sex Education’ despite of having numerous rape complaints and such a large population.


I do not think its the Sex Education where the problem really stems from. I think, that the problem stems in the very families of these teenagers, soon become men, wherein this is never ever talked about.

It is a rather taboo topic to even bring up at all.

The problem is that, India chooses the easy way. India chooses to silence it’s girls, because ‘vaginas’ are sacred and men own these ‘vaginas’.

The problem stems from the fact that, a lot of these men who tried to come out and act all in support of the girls who first ratted out the ‘bois lockerroom’, themselves talk the same way about girls. Just not so openly and that, for some reason is okay.

The problem is that despite of trending on social media, this is not going to change a single individual’s view of a girl.


The problem lies in the very fact that there are all these words like Slut, Whore, Prostitute, and various derivatives of the same, but only a few versions of the same with equal depth of meaning even exist for the opposite gender.

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