There are songs that take me to a specific memory that I made with people I thought were special at that very moment in time,

Today, I’ll talk about the songs that made you and I;

We started with this song with mellow instrumentals but a good beat to play along with. The catch was that you and I both sang along that song together on a video call unaware that someday it’d be more than just a song to the both of us.

Then came songs based on the days and how you thought I felt on that specific day.

There were days we went into the 90s nostalgia mode and then there were songs we sang to wishing we were together in that very moment. Holding each other tight. Me in your arms. Right there.

In my safe space.

As days passed by, we moved on to songs that made me fall deeper into this imaginary pool we’d created.

The catch was, that I’d hope every night while singing along to songs on those long calls with you, with my eyes half shut that you’d never find out. Find out how badly I had fallen.

And then you played a song that I didn’t know the lyrics to, I didn’t want to seem dumb so I never told you that.

But, you asked me to simply close my eyes, imagine you were there, holding me tight.

That’s when I knew it was time, it was time I played it right. It was time we had something called as ‘our’ song.

So I did, I played that very first song we had sung together and as I slowly sang to you ‘cuz all of me loves all of you’, I knew it more than ever.

That; this song would be our song for the years to come and lifetimes to follow.

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