It is so unbelievably true how there are so many emotions that we feel and even more of them in which we fall in.

And yet how falling is still so underrated.



It feels like a a deep dark crater of a volcano,

which you know will be hot enough to burn you to ashes

and yet you still allow yourself to fall.



A point of no return,

but you push yourself to that point

just in hopes that you wouldn’t have to return.



You know it will hurt like a bitch,

when you finally hit the point

and yet you want to feel that pain,

not only in your body but also in your soul.


So fall.

Fall like there’s no tomorrow.

Let go.

But for once don’t hope;

that you’d never have to come back.


Fall without hopes.


Fall and embrace the fall.


Because, what is the worst that can happen?

You’ll only become stronger.

Stronger with every inch of the fall.

Love the fall and Live the fall for once.

2 thoughts on “Falling.

  1. So proud to read the depth f your emotions that you guys bring out through these writings.
    It is beautifully scripted emotions. Great going

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much maam. It truly means a lot to hear it from you❤️


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