So what are flashbacks?

Well, much like how they are shown in the movies;

They are quick trips back to the past, that may or may not leave you smiling.


Or sometimes, in some cases leaving a thousand questions behind.

What questions? For the starters, one could be;


The next one might be;

Why not?

And then continues the toxic chain of questions which


Sometimes, lead to devastating consequences.

For the starters;

It could simply be you questioning your self.

Then it could lead to the urge of you wanting to desperately change things.


Things, that once made you so happy.

And yet now, they are nothing but just memories.

Memories that you can’t erase.

Memories that hurt.

Memories that add the salt to some of the open wounds.



Flashbacks. A tiny moment,

That holds the power to change how to feel,

For the rest of the day,

Or maybe;

For the next few days.



Something that reminds you of your existence.


The fact that you’re not as clean of a slate

As you were,

When you were first introduced,

Into the world.

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