A Moment.

What is a moment? A Second? A millisecond?

Seems too small eh?

And yet, so much can change just in a moment.

So much.

And just like that, in a moment, everything fell apart.

It was like; 1…2…3…A Moment and Boom!


In a moments time, the best times turned into memories.

Distant memories, the ones you look back at and feel like they were ages ago. The moments I mean.

The moments, happened ages ago.

Your mind fumbling with this weird concoction of feelings;

The pit of your stomach feeling the weight of that one moment, your heart fluttering, your eyes smiling and yet a jarring feeling at the back of everything,

Just..for that one moment.

To feel the emotions you felt in that moment.

So much can change in a moment huh?

Like how in a moment you can turn from the most precious person in someone life to someone they once used to know.

Like how in a moment you feel like the best thing on the planet after hearing the 3 words from that one person that matters so much.

And how like in one moment, the love from the 3 words changes to hate and you sit there wondering if you could ever go back to living that one magical moment when it all started.

A moment. One moment. Every moment.


Don’t just let it pass by being;

A Moment.

Make it;

The Moment.

Because, a moment of silence for all the lost moments won’t really get you back the feelings you missed in that particular moment.

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