Friends with Benefits

So, there is this new thing in the trends right now called friends with benefits.

And, what it actually is;

Is more like a metaphorical gateway to escape as a commitment phobe, because being in a relationship is too overrated and our whole generation wants more.

More of everything, the adrenaline rush, the adventures, everything

But, what we fail to realize is,

We get more of those lonely nights too when we desperately crave for chocolate to binge and burry our sorrows into because,

We don’t have anyone to cuddle and snuggle with.

So, now that we have some of the hard hitting facts out in the open, I shall get to the main point now or more like my main point now (this will come with a lot of rhetorical questions by the way).

There’s this really thin line between just having someone to fuck and actually falling for that person. Now, deem the biology useless all you want over here but the fact is you’re bound to somewhere deep inside feel something for someone you’re intimate with.

And, that doesn’t mean that you’re gunna fall in love and marry that person, but it certainly does mean that there is some level of attachment.

Because, more of then than not, when you are in a platonic friends with benefits ‘relationship’, there is some level of monogamy you would expect at some point of time.

Now here comes the sucky part. It might start with you guys being friends or maybe best of friends at times and just casually deciding to sign up for this friends with benefits ‘thing’.

But, it’s probably gunna end it 2 possible situations;

  1. You both being awkward and never wanting to talk about what you guys had.
  2. You guys not wanting to talk or keep in touch all that much because one of you fell for the other.

So, my question is; is it really even worth it to end a perfectly normal healthy relationship over your gushing hormones that for a brief moment of time make you think that this is/will be a good idea? And I say it’s brief because life to the amount of time you gave to that thought ratio.

Now, the second part of this might seem a bit ‘not so normal’ as most people would call it, but did you ever give a thought to what the future might hold for this platonic fuckbuddy relationship of yours?

I mean yes the sex might be amazing but what about the awkwardness that comes with somehow falling for that person?

Oh, and the heartbreak when you find out that the other person plays with the rules of platonic fuckbuddies and does not in any way want to mess that up by being in a relationship?

Oh, and also that leads to this shitty of feeling of being used by the way. And, best case scenario you just don’t look at the person the same way anymore and keep yourself from expressing your opinion.

Worst case scenario?

Ah, let’s not even talk about that because it just gets ugly. Fights. Accusations. Name calling. And, the end.

All of this, and I just have one question left to ask;

Did you get into this because you were a commitment phobe or did you become a commitment phobe because of this?  

3 thoughts on “Friends with Benefits

  1. Someone had to say this. Well written.

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  2. Touched… well written…. interesting

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