Hi there whoever is reading this,

Ever been in love?

Yes, it’s a beautiful feeling, and the most excruciatingly painful one too


When it’s over, you might find yourself

Sitting on my bed and just scrolling through the pictures on your phone, trying to feel what you felt in those moments.

Reminiscing. Yes, that’s the right word for it.

Those very moments that made you feel the happiest might make you burst into tears now.

The moments when cuddling and saving them as memories on the phone was for posting them on social media and not for looking back at them and smiling.

Smiling because it happened.

Because that; was your forever.

Because you both thought it’d be forever.

But, forever is just so little.


Because somethings last forever.

And, others make you feel like an eternity in just a few moments.

Maybe that, is just what forever is.

A moment,

An iota of a moment.

So comforting that;

You don’t think twice before saying what you feel,

You fail to think twice before saying the magic words.

Maybe, forever is just an illusion that everyone is chasing after.

But maybe, because it is just an illusion,

It is so comforting.

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