This isn’t an attempt on rewriting the Katy Perry song.

This also, isn’t going to be a post preaching about love being unconditional.

This, will be about bursting the bubble about unconditional love.



And yet, so many of us, including you and I are on this constant hunt for something that simply just does not exist.

With any bond comes a form of love, with love comes expectations and with expectations comes conditions.

Conditions about if you can fulfill those expectations or not. Conditions about what if you can’t fulfill the expectations.

And in any case, even if the starting of any relationship seems and sounds all pretty and pitch perfect. The image soon turns into a burden because;

No one wants to spend their lives fulfilling everyone for someone else.

It all works on give and take,

The disbalance of which causes any relationship to collapse.

So, now that I’ve established how love being unconditional is just something for the dreams. Let me talk about a shocking facet that comes with love and well, why I actually call it bursting the bubble about unconditional love.

Love is such a strong emotion, that it captivates the next person in a way that they might as well start living for you. And, even though drugs are bad, you might as well become the next person’s choice of drug.

Love is anything but unconditional,

Love is a poison, one that seems so innocent and yet is the deadliest of all.

Love is just a perspective, a rosy one at that.

One that changes with time, one that changes you with time, one that you survive for and one that will chain you down with barriers and you won’t even realize.

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