Toxic Waste

Have you ever met someone who has the potential to make you question your own self?

Not in a good way I mean.

Question yourself as in; ‘Am I even a good person?’

I did.

And, the encounter wasn’t the worst part, that was probably the best because these individuals that are left lose out in the crowd today are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.


As you let them into your life, they change, they change into something that you never thought they’d turn into.

And the worst part? They change you.

Again, into something you never thought you’d turn into.

They drain you.

It feels like you’re under some sort of spell wherein this leech of a person is draining your soul out of you and you can’t do anything about it because; well, you’ve convinced yourself that there is some good in the person.

After all, when you first met this individual, he/she was the sweetest person ever right?

They just got you.

No, wrong.

They didn’t get YOU. They just got another victim to suck life out of.

So when I went through this, initially I felt like I was a bad person. As if, I was the problem.

Then later I realized that vampires are real. In a metaphorical way at least.

At one point of your life you will encounter an individual that might not suck your blood out but they will drain you out.

Physically and Mentally.

They are toxic. And there are so many of them out there today that we don’t even need to worry about the pollution levels rising and killing us.

We’re gunna die because of these leeches anyway.

But, then again; we can’t really do anything. It’s just another human being right?

You can’t dump em in the bin.

They can however dump you in the trash and most probably they have already dumped you into the trash the moment you agreed to let them in.

These individuals are true narcissists.

They’ll mark their territory on you.  They will drain you. They will discard you.


Just as you thought you made an escape, they’ll be back to suck the life out of you.

That’s what we’re surrounded by.

The chemicals aren’t even causing half as much damage as much as the toxic waste of the society that’s one in every 5 individuals today.

And yet,

You and I are not even aware of the vicious toxic cycle, that we’re a victim of right now.

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