Time is an illusion, you must’ve heard of that right?

Ahh the irony, because none of us seem to have enough of this entity that is nothing but an ‘illusion’.

It is infinite.

An illusion that we are losing every passing moment.

An illusion that has the eternal power to control both you and I.

And yet,

It is nothing but just an illusion.

Ever wondered why do we all give it so much power that no one even has enough of this entity that you can’t even see but you’re scared to give the same power to the person next to you?

“Time heals everything” because time is what everything depends on, what we depend on.


Something both you and I face the scarcity of and yet the irony is that time is countless. Time is endless and it has the immense power to change everything.

It is unseen and yet it is the most effective medicine for the wounds that can’t be treated.

Time is like you; its moving, its running, it changes.


Maybe, time is you.

And, maybe it is time we realize that this sweet, abundant and yet malevolent resource we depend on is not just an illusion.

It is the most powerful tool.

Time is you.

Because, you are an eternity in yourself.

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