Fortunately Unfortunate

Have you ever felt that absurd sensation of wanting to break free? But you just don’t know what you want to break free from.

After all, you have the phone you like, you have the laptop you wanted.

But, what I want to ask you is that;

Do you have the life you dreamt of?

That fairytale life where you have the person you love next to you. You feel immense joy as you wake up each morning. You feel fulfilled.

Do you have that?


Is that the only thing missing?


You are happy right?

You just have this bouts of sadness when you feel like nothing is going right but otherwise you’re happy because you’re ‘fortunate’ enough to be able to afford that gold class ticket to a movie or how you can fly to whatever destination you want whenever you want to.

Just because you’re ‘fortunate’.

I say that is some serious bullshit right there.

I say having money doesn’t make you ‘fortunate’.

I say being able to buy the new iPhone as soon as it comes out isn’t fortunate.

I say all of that is just how deep you’ve let yourself fall into the trap of materialism.


I believe; that you are lonely. The more money you have, the more you can showcase how ‘fortunate’ you are is just how much more you showcase how lonely you are under the covers.

I am not complaining though, because that is the way we roll and it seems to work too because validation is the key.

But the truth is;

It is just a portrayal of how unfortunate you are in a so called fortunate fashion.

3 thoughts on “Fortunately Unfortunate

  1. I have felt this way before. Like I couldn’t really determine what I wanna do, I want the freedom that I already have, confusing, really.

    Hey, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would really love to connect with you. 😊


    1. And I am so glad that you could relate! ❤


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