In Love With A Narcissist

 “a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.

Or in colloquial terms a person who is so self-consumed they don’t really care about others, sounds familiar eh?

To start with, who knew narcissism could be an actual psychological disorder that people are facing today? Oh wait, no, don’t confuse Narcissistic Personality Disorder with an extreme case of ego.

The issue with this one is that these people more often than not don’t even know that they are facing issues or even if they do, they wouldn’t want to admit it.

So, what are the few key symptoms of a person being a narcissist?

First is the obvious one; they quite literally will not accept that they can be/are wrong. It’s a constant need for admiration that they seek for, no they do not want ‘attention’, they want ‘admiration’ and ‘validity’.

Why you ask?

Because they are extremely insecure, which is kind of contradictory to the whole point of being a narcissist but oh boi are they extremely insecure beings.

Number 2 being the lack of empathy that they have, do not expect them to be all cuddly and kissy with you when you’re mad at them because that in a way makes them feel weak and trust me, they hate it.

It’s this constant sense of superiority complex that consumes them all the time.

So, do relationships with them work out?

The right answer is yes and no. Yes, if you can sacrifice on your emotional needs. No, I do not mean to not express it when you’re sad, but, just don’t expect much in return. I guess what I mean is limit your expectations.

No, because most of us want to be in relationships where we are happy and feel fulfilled and that isn’t wrong, that is the whole idea of relationships. But, when in love with a narcissist that is one thing you should really not expect and if you do, be prepared to start feeling this sense of ‘not enough’. You’ll never feel like you’re good enough for them because it is always going to be them winning arguments, them having the limelight and you having to constantly tell them how great they are without getting anything in return.

The worst part of being in a relationship with a narcissist is the chance of them cheating on you.

*drops the bomb*

Yes, more often than not they will cheat, when you’re not around because they need constant admiration and love to be rewarded for what they are. If they get that reward from someone else when you ain’t around, they’d be more than happy to get it. But, what follows this action is even worse actually. They might not even feel guilty for their actions, or they might, that really depends on what kind of a narcissist they are (Yes, there are different types of narcissists).

Interestingly enough there are 4 types of narcissists, so you really need to look out for which one you’re dealing with. To know more about the type, you could always visit:

The problem with all these people stands at the same point and that isn’t that they are narcissists, but the fact that they don’t know it and they don’t want to know it. Because, essentially that is a negative trait really and anything less than superiority is what will trigger the rage in them.

Now here is the truth of the situation in today’s date. In a room full of 20 people, you will be able to point out at least 5 of them very easily. And, it’s not like they aren’t in a relationship or can’t get into one. Most of them are actually in a relationship because people love the confidence that they radiate. But, the truth of the matter is that; it is really not easy to be with a person who is constantly fighting to be superior and constantly wants this validation without offering you anything in return.

At times the Perfection and Success takes the biggest toll on a person and the ones around them.

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